Carnival Week: Bean Bag Toss

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It’s Carnival Week at My Activity Maker, and what’s a carnival without a bean bag toss? You can make any design you like! If you like this craft, you’ll also like our Bug Splat Game.

What You’ll Need:
*2 white foam boards
*X-acto knife or scissors
*Hole Punch
*Scrap pieces of fabric
*Rice or dry beans
*Sewing machine or needle and thread
For the no-sew option, you’ll need sandwich bags and duct tape instead of fabric and sewing machine.

*Make your bean bags: Cut out squares of fabric and sew together, wrong sides facing in and leaving a small space open at the top. Turn right side out and fill with rice. Sew opening closed. Repeat so you have 3 bags.
*For a no sew option: Fill a sandwich bag 2/3 full with race. Zip closed, pushing all the air out and reinforce the opening with duct tape. Place instead another sandwich bag and cover the whole bag with strips of duct tape. Repeat so you have 3 bags.
*Draw and color a fun design on one piece of foam board. Draw a few circles, large enough that your bean bags can fit through, on the design in pencil. Use the x-acto knife to cut the circles out.
*Punch 4 holes in the top of the board – evenly spaced and about 1 inch from the top edge. Line up the two boards and use the pencil to mark where the design board holes are on the blank board. Punch holes in the blank board. String the yarn through the holes and tie off. (This is so the bean bag toss board can stand on its own.)

*Take turns tossing bean bags to see who can get the most into the holes. You can assign a point value to each hole and make an addition game out of it, too, having the kids add up their points if the bean bag makes it through the hole!
*Send us a picture of your kids playing the Bean Bag Toss we may post it to our site!

Suggested Resources:
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*Go to your local carnival or state/county fair!

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