Baby Burp Cloths

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These fashionable burp cloths are easy to make and are a perfect homemade baby gift!

What You’ll Need:
*Cloth diapers
*Decorative ribbon – 15 inches per burp cloth
*Lace or wide ruffled ribbon – 15 inches per burp cloth
*Needle & thread, or sewing machine

*Wash & dry the cloth diapers according to the package instructions.

*Pin the lace or wide ruffled ribbon to the bottom edge of the short end of the cloth diaper. You want the ruffled edge of the ribbon or lace to be hanging off the edge of the diaper.

*Sew the lace or ribbon to the diaper with one long line.
*Pin the decorative ribbon over the lace so that the bottom edge of the decorative ribbon meets up with top edge of the ruffle. If using a wide ruffled ribbon, you’ll pin the decorative ribbon in the center of the wide ruffled ribbon.

*Sew the decorative ribbon to the lace or ruffled ribbon with two long, straight lines – along the top edge and bottom edge of the decorative ribbon. Trim the ends.

*Wash and dry the completed burp cloths on the gentle cycle.

Suggested Resources: : Offers many options in sizes, colors, and striped ribbons, along with very fashionable patterns : helps you figure out why you need so many of these burp cloths, anyway!
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