Easter Bunny Puppet

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Get ready for the Easter Bunny by making this cute bunny puppet.

What You’ll Need:
*Paper Bag
*Crayon/marker/colored pencils
*White paper
*Pink paper
*Pipe Cleaners – 2 per craft
*Cotton Balls – 2 per craft

*For younger children, parents may want to cut out the following: one large white oval and one smaller pink oval (for the stomach), two large white ears and two smaller pink ears.
*Cut the pipe cleaners into 3 pieces each.

*With the bag still folded and upside down, draw in the bunny’s eyes on what would normally be the bottom of the paper bag. Glue on a cotton ball nose in the center of the bottom of the paper bag.
*Glue the white ears at the top of your bunny face and then glue the pink ears to the white ears.
*Glue the white oval below the fold of the bag and glue the pink oval on top of the white one.
*Glue the second cotton ball on the back of the paper bag as a tail.
*Glue the pipe cleaners down as whiskers. (We found that laying a book over top of the whiskers for a few hours, separated by wax paper, helped the pipe cleaners stick better.) Allow to dry and enjoy!
*Send us a picture of your bunny puppet and we may post it to our site! info@mycalendarmaker.com.

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