Bug Noisemakers

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You can’t have summer camp without the bugs! But if the idea of catching real bugs doesn't appeal to you, make these Bug Noisemakers – you’ll get all the sounds without all of the nuisance! If you like this craft, check out our Homegrown Caterpillar.

What You’ll Need:
*A 3X3 piece of card stock
*One popsicle stick
*2 pencil-top rubber erasers
*1 Flat rubber band

*Sit outside for a few minutes and listen to the noises around you. Can you hear the bugs? Crickets, cicadas, katydids, bees…they all have their own beautiful sounds. Some bugs rub their wings together and some have special organs just for "singing". Read more about the "songs" of insects.

*Decorate the card stock. Line up the popsicle stick with the top center of the index card and glue in place.
*Add the erasers to either end of the popsicle stick.
*Add string to one end of the popsicle stick, in between the eraser and the paper.
*Add a rubber band by stretching it across the Popsicle and around the erasers.

*Now find an open space and spin it around. You will hear a "bzzzzzzzzzz" sound. Experiment with different speeds and see how that changes the sound.
*Send us a picture of your kids and their bug noisemakers we may post it to our site! info@mycalendarmaker.com.

Suggested Resources:
*The Very Busy Spider Book & Spiderweb Game from My Activity Maker
*Read Over in the Meadow - available at Amazon.com

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