Carnival Week: Bobbing for Ducks

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It’s Carnival Week at My Activity Maker, and we’ve got a fun variation on bobbing for apples that's great for little ones! If you like this craft, you’ll also like our Sponge Tag game.

What You’ll Need:
*Large tub or bin
*Small rubber ducks

*Fill the tub with water and place ducks in the water.

*Have each child take turns bobbing for ducks. Younger kids can put their hands on the tub to balance themselves. Older kids can keep hands behind their backs.
*Variation: Use a permanent marker to place numbers for points on the bottoms of the ducks before placing them in the water. Keep track of the number of points each child gets when bobbing and child with highest number of points wins.

Suggested Resources: -- Rubber duck land – all things rubber ducks
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