Bleach T-Shirt

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A great easy way for kids to make a t-shirt design for themselves or as a gift. (ages 3+)

What You’ll Need:
*Solid dark-colored t-shirt
*Bleach Pen (we recommend Clorox)
*Paper Towels
*Plastic or latex gloves
*Wax paper

*Wash and dry the t-shirt.

*Place the wax paper in between the front and back of the t-shirt so that the bleach won’t bleed through the back of the shirt.

*Use the chalk to draw a design on the t-shirt. The bleach will spread a bit and can be tricky to maneuver so we recommend sticking with a simple pattern.
*Put on the gloves and test out the bleach pen on paper towel so you’ll have a better idea of the flow.
*Trace over the chalk with the bleach pen. Try to keep the bleach at a consistent thickness throughout the design. You will not need a lot of bleach to see results, but it may take a few minutes.

*Let shirt dry for about 15 to 20 minutes, then wash and dry again by itself.

Suggested Resources: : A t-shirt sales site where you can submit your t-shirt designs and they are voted on by the online community. Great prices and very cute designs. : Recycle your favorite t-shirt into a throw pillow
• The Ultimate T-Shirt Book: Creating Your Own Unique Designs by Deborah Morgenthal

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