Biggest to Smallest Christmas Tree

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Teach your child the concepts of biggest and smallest while making this Christmas tree craft.

What You’ll Need:
*White paper (for background)
*Green construction paper
*Red construction paper

*Cut the green construction paper into triangles. We found that about 4 triangles worked best. Our first triangle had a base width of about 8 inches. Each consecutive triangle was about 1-1.5 inches smaller in base width.
*Cut the red construction paper into circle ornaments. You’ll want twice as many ornaments as branches. Each pair of ornaments should be slightly larger than the previous pair.

*Have your child pick out the biggest triangle and lay it down in front of him/her. Put the remaining triangles in order of biggest to smallest.
*Do the same with the ornaments, going from smallest to biggest.
*Glue the back of the largest triangle and place it towards the bottom of the white paper. Glue each consecutive triangle, layering it on top of the larger triangles.
*Glue the smallest ornaments to the corners of the smallest triangle. Continue gluing the ornaments down until your tree is completely decorated. Allow to dry.

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