Basement Bowling

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Stuck inside on snowy, icy day? Turn your basement floor into a bowling alley! My 9-year-old came up with the idea, made all the materials, and even took all the pictures. The craft and the game kept him and his younger brothers occupied for hours! If you like this craft, check out our Staycation post with more great activities you can do at home.

What You’ll Need:
*Bowling balls (We used Styrofoam balls from an old project on the planets.)
*Scissors or sharp pencil (optional)
*Paper (6 sheets)
*Painter’s tape

*If you would like, use the scissors or pencil to poke three holes in the Styrofoam balls like a bowling ball. Use markers to decorate them.

*Staple the short edges of a piece of paper together to create a bowling pin. Line the bottom of the pin with painter’s tape to help weigh it down. Repeat so you have 6 pins total.

*On a smooth, hard floor, outline your bowling lane. Don’t forget the starting line!

*Take turns bowling and keep track of your scores.
*Send us a picture of your kids bowling and we may post it to our site!

Suggested Resources:
* – find your local bowling alley and take the family out to play the real thing!
*Check out the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame and find out the history of bowling.

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