Balloon Pop Game

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A fun party game or just to play out in the yard one afternoon. Great for the whole family, indoors or outside.

What You’ll Need:
*Paper Plates

*Blow up the balloons. You’ll need at least one per person playing. For a fun outdoor version, use water balloons.
*With the paper plate face up, push the thumbtack through the center. Tape the head in place. You’ll need one per team. If you use water balloons, make a few extra in case the plates are too soggy to use multiple times.

*Separate everyone into teams. At one end of the room or yard the teams will be lined up. At the other end, place one balloon for each team. (You will need one person to keep replacing balloons as the next person is ready to go.)
*When you say go, the first person on each team runs to the balloon, carrying the paper plate. (Be careful of the thumbtack!) When the reach the balloon, sit on the paper plate (thumbtack pointing down) and then sit on the balloon. Once the balloon pops, they can run back to their team, with the paper plate and pass it off to the next person.
*The first team to pop all their balloons wins!
*Send us a picture of your family playing our game and we may post it to our site!

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This activity can be found in the Games & Activities section of our site.