Baby Food Jar Menorah

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Have your children help you make this decorative menorah that makes a perfect centerpiece for your Hanukkah party!

What You’ll Need:
*9 baby food jars, labels removed, cleaned and dried
*9 tea candles
*Extra tea candle, wooden block, etc.

*Explain to your child that there are eight nights of Hanukkah. We light the highest candle (usually in the center or on the end of the menorah), called the Shamash, plus one candle for each night. Please note: This menorah is strictly for decoration. In a traditional menorah, each night’s candles must be lit using the Shamash candle.

*Paint the baby food jars. Allow them to dry completely.
*Place a tea light inside each of the jars.
*Arrange the nine baby food jars on the table. For the Shamash candle, it must be raised higher than the remaining eight candles. We used an extra tea candle as a base, but a wooden block would also work.
*Light the candles, turn out the lights and enjoy!

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