Arnie the Doughnut Story & Craft

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June 3rd & 4th are Doughnut Days! Go out and get the real thing and then sit down and read this hilarious story. Arnie's very excited to meet his doughnut neighbors but even MORE excited to see who he's going home with. When Mr. Bing chooses him from all the other dozens of doughnuts, Arnie gets a big surprise when Mr. Bing tries to eat him! Read Laurie Keller’s Arnie the Doughnut and make your very own doughnut that looks good enough to eat! If you like this craft, check out our What's the Weather? craft which also uses paper plates.

What You’ll Need:
*Arnie the Doughnut by Laurie Keller
*Paper plate
*Brown and black construction paper
*Paint (bright colors for sprinkles)
*Cotton swabs
*Arnie template (see attachment below)

*Prepare a table or other area for painting.
*Print out one Arnie template per child (either MS Word file or PDF).

*Read Arnie the Doughnut out loud.
*Lay the paper plate face down on the sheet of brown construction paper and trace around the edge with a marker.

*Put the paper plate aside. For the frosting, draw a wavy line inside the line of the circle.

*Cut the construction paper along the wavy line.
*Use the cotton swab to paint sprinkles on the brown paper frosting.
*While the paint dries, cut out the eyes, mouth, arms, and legs on the Arnie template. Also, cut a circle out of black construction paper, about 3 inches in diameter, for the doughnut hole.
*Glue the “frosting” to the back side of the paper plate.

*Glue the doughnut hole, eyes, mouth, arms, and legs to the paper plate.
*Whatever you do, don’t eat him!

Suggested Resources: Get Arnie the Doughnut for less then $11! : Laurie Keller’s site for Arnie the Doughnut

This activity can be found in the Book Club section of our site.

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