Apple Butterflies

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A great Fall craft to tie-in with apples. Make these beautiful butterflies you can enjoy all year!

What You’ll Need:
*3 or 4 different varieties of apples, 1 additional apple for every two children painting
*Paper plates
*White paper
*Black marker

*Wash and dry all the apples. Set aside the apples to be used for painting. Cut up the various apple varieties, placing one variety on each plate.
*For the apples you are using to paint, cut them in half – top to bottom.
*Pour some paint onto paper plates.

*Have the children taste the different apple varieties and choose their favorite. If you have a large group, you can even make a graph of how many children liked each of the apple varieties the best.
*For the craft, gently place an apple cut side down onto a paper plate of paint. You can also have the children use paintbrushes to paint the cut side of the apple to get a variety of colors and patterns. Once the cut side of the apple is covered in paint, gently stamp it on the paper.
*Once the paint is dry, use the marker to create the body, wings, and antennae of the butterfly.
*Ours turned out so pretty, we decided to make notecards out of them! To make your own notecards with your Apple Butterfly art, visit .

Suggested Resources: : Part of the My Calendar Maker family of sites, this is a great site for creating custom notecards for you or for your child’s preschool, your church, non-profit organizations, etc. : This site provides great information on many apple varieties – even if you aren’t in Virginia, you may find your favorite apple here! : Once you’ve tasted your apples and made your butterflies and notecards, you’ll want to make a yummy treat! Check out this extensive list of apple recipes.

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